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Reviews: The 5-Point Cafe “Cheating drunks and tourists since 1929”

In a city gone lousy with tourists, it’s good to know locals can still get up at the crack of noon and crawl over to the 5-Point in Belltown for a heart-stopping platter of ham‘n’eggs and a breakfast Bloody Mary –  24-hours-a-day, any day of the week.
The neon sign in the window brags “Cheating drunks and tourists since 1929”
This is a nuance-free zone. The ceiling’s black and white. The floor’s black and white. The counter is black and…well, kind of tobacco-ivory (hey, the place is as old as your great grandfather). The menu’s written in English, and the pricetag, like the food, is a throwback to Seattle’s meat-and-potatoes days.
Portions are ranch-hand sized and include Read more…

Knitting is for old biddies – isn’t it?

Knitting is as old as the hills and as new as the wifi, Blackberrry, do-your-yoga generation.
-NPR’s Tom Ashbrook, The Resurgence of Knitting

Blame the economy, blame it on national stress, but since the turn of the century there’s been a rekindled interest in knitting – and we’re not talking old folks in rocking chairs.
Not everyone ranks knitting up there with firetwirling and gnar shredding, but but give them some yarn and a pair of Brittany #10′s and young people will show you what they mean by No Fear.
The online generation has extended what used to be a tight knit community into a worldwide forum where the coolest idea rules. Read more…

Blog: New Years Resolution

Knitting has been called the best needle therapy since acupuncture.. a cure-all for everything from chronic pain to substance abuse..from senility in adults to ADHD in children.
But is there any truth to it?
Scientific studies are largely inconclusive, but ask any knitterand they’ll assure you there’s something about knitting, especially knitting in groups, that has a profound effect on the psyche…..Or as this mid-century ad says, The easy. repetitive movement is soothing and restful.
As we start to pencil in our resolutions for 2012 (keeping the eraser handy),  remember-it’s easier to quit an old habit by replacing it with a new one!

News: Counterfeit Culture. Not Just Gucci’s Anymore

Can you spot the difference between the real Lipitor pill and a counterfeit? Take this online quiz  and see why the multi-billion dollar counterfeit drug market is giving the World Health Organization the heebie jeebies, (not to mention any of us who takes an aspirin from time to time).Yes, many originate in Asia and yes, many originate on the internet , but not all. Some come from your local pharmacy.  And when pharmacists can’t tell the difference between the real thing and the fake according to Pfizer, I get a little nervous.

Counterfeit foods   So what’s the alternative? Nutraceuticals? Evidently not, since Read more…

Upcoming Titles: Rapture of the Deep

Treasures and Danger lurk in the underwater caves of the Yucatan

Sam Meacham and Steve Bogaerts are the underwater version of Indiana Jones. In fact one of the undersea caverns they explore is called the Temple of Doom.
Diving into Cenotes (Say-No-Tays),  sinkholes that dot Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Sam and Steve follow the same paths Ancient Mayans believed led to the afterlife. (That would explain why they threw gold, silver – even human sacrifices into these mysterious pools of water).
Turns out the “path to the afterlife” is a maze of underwater caves carved during the Ice Age, where freshwater rivers flowed to the ocean. No one save the dead had visited these caves since then…..No one, until Read more…

For the Collector: Museum of Bad Art

These days everything is considered collectible.
And we mean EVERYTHING….. Even bad art whose unsung artists were discovered by thrift store shoppers and dumpster divers.
THE MUSEUM OF BAD ART in  Dedham, MA celebrates artists who started with good intentions until something went horribly wrong. Or as co-founder Marie Jackson put it, “We are here to celebrate an artist’s right to fail, gloriously.”
MOBA (as it’s fondly known) has been so well received, others have been opening around the country, like this one in Read more…

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