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Summerbrew coffee descriptor

Assignment:”I need a paragraph of copy that goes below the flavor characteristics. It should be at the most 3 sentences long and describe the personality of a person likely to drink this. I’d make this description summer related: laid-back, comfortable in beach wear etc.”

3 solutions:
1-Blithe and resilient, you’re a pair of flip-flops living in a wingtip world.  Wherever there’s major drama, you’re the anti-crisis. No wonder you’re #1 on everyone’s speed dial.

2-Casual, playful and a bit of a dreamer, you live life in the recumbent position. Where others see a Pandora’s box, you see a sandbox. Your rose-colored contacts keep all eyes on hope.
3-The world is your sandbox. Cheerful and impenetrable, stress naturally beads up and rolls off your consciousness. You make play out of work, pinball out of hardball, and rise to the top wherever poolside heads prevail.


More Lesser (catalog)

DAVID LESSER could be any one of the creatures he creates, the prankster raven, the laid back otter, even the resourceful crab, who hunts for odds and ends on the beach. As aceteline torch meets steel,  one can see his own personality taking on the form  of fish and fowl, fauna and yes, even rat.

“I want to make people chuckle.”, David says.

It’s the queen of Bo-veens. The Yowsa of Cowsa.  The Haagen Dasz of Holsteins. The Mon Cherie of Dairy. Ok, ok we don’t want to milk this TOO much, but one look at this breathtaking creation and you’ll know what we mean.

Ok, so I’m tired of all these moose jokes, eh? “Hey Hatrack” “Hey Bullwinkle”. Not every Moose is a hockey player, y’know,and we don’t all live in Moosejaw, eh? In fact,   I’m from Sasketchewan, Canada. That’s  C… eh? N…eh? D…eh?

Care for a bite? Count Snack-ula and his pals will be right over. Buy an entire fleet of them for the holidays and deck the tree with a swarm of silvery skeeters. Then invite all your friends over and watch the fun begin! (Swatters not included).

Here’s the greatest lounge act since Wayne Newton. Read more…

Best of Krusteaz

(excerpts from multiple brochures)

For seven decades, breakfast at Snoqualmie Falls Lodge was a breathtaking experience. Perched on a rock face above the falls, diners could watch the Snoqualmie River plummet 268 feet  in a thunderous roar of spray and mist,  practically beneath their white linen tablecloths!  A spectacle this extraordinary called for an equally extraordinary breakfast. Generous quantities of savory country sausage and farm fresh eggs were brought  to each table, along with ample helpings of hot, fluffy pancakes and biscuits; and fresh, creamy butter. To top it all off , a crisp-uniformed waiter would stand on a chair and drop a six foot stream of local honey onto your plate!  No wonder Snoqualmie Falls became the last word in breakfast for people of the Pacific Northwest. Today, the restaurant name has changed,  but  the legendary Snoqualmie Falls Lodge name lives on in their “World famous farm breakfast”®  items. .Try our Baking Powder Biscuits Mix for light, flaky, tender biscuits that  bake up practically as high as Snoqualmie Falls!  One bite will tell you why these biscuits were the signature item of the infamous lodge that created them.

Four inches of snow and the weatherman says there’s more on the way. Time to light the fire, cozy into your favorite book and brew up a fresh cup of Alpine Spiced Cider. Unlike coffee or cocoa, Alpine Read more…

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